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The original owner of the farm Doornkraal was Hermanus Egbertus Steyn. He was the great-grandson of master builder Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn, who in 1668 arrived from Leeuwarden in Friesland, to build the Castle of Good Hope, today one of Cape Town's main tourist attractions.

The history of Dedoornkraal Hotel

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The farm Doornkraal was proclaimed a loan farm in 1746, the same year as the historic farm Zeekoegat, now a National Monument.

The Heritage Architecture of Langstraat

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The first expedition to the Riversdale region was led by Hieronymous Cruse in 1667 to barter for cattle. During the next expedition twenty years later, expedition leader Izak Schryver befriended Goukou, the leader of the Hessequa, after which many barter expeditions followed.

The History of Riversdale